Tuesday, October 19, 2010


Buongiorno! My weekend in Rome was incredible! We saw as much as we possibly could have and still needed more time to explore. What we did get to see was amazing though.
First we went to the Musei Vaticani and spent hours walking around taking it all in. I was SO excited when I walked into one room to see Raphael’s School of Athens right there on the wall, it was awesome. While there, we checked out the Sistine Chapel which was absolutely beautiful, and St. Peter’s Square and Basilica.
. Just walking around Rome was so much fun as well, the Trevi fountain was great to hang out around and getting to walk into the Pantheon was unreal. There are museums everywhere and luckily I was able to visit quite a few of them and learn a lot about the art and artists. One of my favorite places this trip was the Villa Borghese, a huge heart shaped park that I walked through on our way to some museums and the metro. It was the first time since I’ve been in Italy that I’ve been surrounded by trees and it was a perfect fall day, smelled incredible, and reminded me so much of home—I loved it! We couldn't miss out on visiting the Colosseum and Forum, so before we caught the train back to Florence we spent a few hours climbing up, down, and around the Colosseum which is absolutely enormous, and the Forum. Seeing those ruins in person was so amazing and I took so many pictures. Hope you enjoy them!

This week is midterms week at FUA, but once we get through all that it’s Venice and then Greece!! Here in Florence it’s just starting to get chilly out, so some warm sun and swimming will come just in time. I’ll post more pictures soon! Ciao!

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