Monday, October 4, 2010

florence's very own oktoberfest

October 4th

While many ventured off to Oktoberfest for a long weekend of beer, German food, and tents full of strangers, I stayed here in Florence. Much to my surprise right in my own front yard there was my very own German festival. With everything from authentic cuisine, to homemade goods and a great atmosphere. I ate my first bratwurst, which was a struggle to finish because it was so huge. I also shared a huge piece of chocolate cake with my friends and sat on the steps in front of the festival and people watched! It was great because for the first time the square wasn't full of tourists but real Italians everywhere. It was a great place to met people and interact with the locals

This is a picture of one of the biggest food tents at the festival. The grills were really astonishing. There was an open flame in the bottom and the grill was attached with large chains. With this set up they were able to spin the food to let it cook more evenly and also raise or lower it to get just the right amount of heat. They really have perfected their technique which is evident in how good their food is!

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