Thursday, February 10, 2011

Getting Adjusted

Hey guys!

So, I've officially been in Florence for two weeks now. When I first got here, all the streets and places were a blur, but now I feel like I can finally find my way around the city without getting terribly lost (which has happened quite a few times).

I've started to discover the cheapest 'non-touristy' places to eat and shop. My new favorite place (which I totally forgot the name of, sorry) is an awesome panini shop. One panini is only 2,50 Euro which is pretty great and they are SO amazing. The panini shop is only about 1 minute away from one of the schools where I have class, so I can grab a really good bite to eat before I start one of my classes.

I've never traveled outside of the United States, so I was really excited to come to Italy just for the food. I can honestly say that all the best food that I've ever eaten in my life has been here in Florence. Everything is so simple but it's truly amazing. From the pizza, panini, pasta, and of course the gelato.

I haven't been able to travel yet because the first couple weeks have been pretty hectic. I'm planning on going to Pisa this weekend with my fiance and I'm pretty excited to take one of those ridiculous tourist pictures with my hand up against the leaning tower. I'm planning on doing most of my traveling with through the school because the trips are all inclusive they have tour guides from the school come on the trips who show and explain what you're looking at.

To be honest, I'm still sad about being away from home even with all of these amazing things surrounding me. Random things make me really sad, like finding one of my dog's hairs on my one of my cardigans (my dogs are my life) or eating a piece chocolate because my mom loves it so much. I am really happy that my fiance came with my on this trip because it's like I brought a piece of home with me to Florence and we get to share this amazing experience together. I really am a homebody so this was a big step for me to come all the way to Italy. I know the sadness will get better. I just think that I need to travel more and see new things once my schedule isn't so crazy.

If I get to Pisa this weekend, I can't wait to get some pictures for everyone to see on here!


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