Thursday, December 1, 2011

Berlin: Poor but Sexy

Ciao tutti!

So I just returned home from Berlin this past weekend and it was great! In reference to the title of this entry, poor but sexy is the city of Berlin's official slogan. My friends and I of course visited the East Side Gallery which I am in love with.. we actually went twice over the weekend. The paintings are just incredible and so symbolic. On the opposite side of the Berlin Wall you are actually allowed to write on it so me and my friends were able to sign the Berlin Wall :) We also went on a walking tour which allowed us to learn and see different spots we probably wouldn't have otherwise. We saw Checkpoint Charlie which was the American sector of what was once West Berlin, saw the spot where Hitler committed suicide (which is not a parking lot), saw Humbolt University and the World War II monuments. The city itself was a little bit run down but we stayed in a GREAT hostel (The Circus, for anyone interested) and it is so easy to get around Berlin using their public transportation systems. Of course I cannot forget to mention all of the souvenir shopping we did at the German Christmas Markets. They were fabulous! They are outdoor flea markets with all different German traditions.

This coming weekend I am going to visit Paris with all of my roommates! I am so excited because I keep hearing how magical and beautiful Paris is! However, it is bitter sweet since this is the last trip we will be taking :(. I cannot believe we only have 2 weeks left, time has never flown so quickly. Well I will report back after Paris!

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