Friday, May 6, 2011

Last weekend in Florence!

Ciao a tutti!

So, it's the final countdown now! Only 8 more days left in Florence! I've been sick with strep throat all week but I'm glad that I'm starting to feel better for my last weekend here! So many people are traveling this weekend, but I really think that everyone should just stay in Florence to appreciate where we've been for the whole semester. I'm gonna go to the Boboli Gardens tomorrow for the first time because it's pretty much everyone's favorite place to be in Florence and I'm really excited. I'm also gonna go to all of my favorite places this weekend because I have all of my finals next week and it's gonna be crazy between taking them and trying to pack everything up! It's gonna be really sad to eat the best food in the world for the last time this weekend! :(
Although I'm really going to miss living in Florence, I'm really excited to go home. It is really weird to think that I haven't seen my family, friends and dogs for almost four months! After you eat bread, pasta and gelato everyday you will kinda start to miss the comfort foods of home too and I can't wait to eat things like ridiculous cheeseburgers, bagels and some tacos back in New York.
This really was the best experience of my life and it gave me so many opportunities to travel and really learn a lot about my self. I discovered a new sense of independence from living in Italy and I really will miss it here.
For now, I have to start studying for all of my finals next week..ugh! I'll write soon! Ciao ciao!

-- Kelsey

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